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Curatorial What is bliss?

"We must tend our garden"

                 Voltaire, Candide (1759)


Today we live in a period that days are not getting long but getting slow and short. A period in which, man is not sure enough what to do and where to do; writes, draws, scribbles and so on. He consumes his ink in his pen and replaces it with some new and one after another. Even if everything goes well, after the ink dries, there is nothing much left besides the bliss: A memory, an idea and a hand which writes all of that. This maybe sums up the bliss in modern world: The bliss is everything between dreams and reality.


Therefore, there are no two different concepts as dream and reality; the relation between two is organic. In fact both are just two different sides of the same idea. Considering this information, it is possible to say that dream and reality are complementary and even reality is the dark twin of dream. Everything at the limit of infinity, objects, concepts or ideas, feelings, even if they are aware of that they cannot reach infinity, never give up trying. In this way, happens the intersection of simulacrums using free association, that never realised before in an unclear point of mind, between conscious and subconscious. The curious intersection and union of conscious and subconscious, even if happened in a dream and in a partial control of the protagonist, the mind starts to produce new dreams using that material and plays a huge role in the making process of new ideas. The fall of infinity and renaming the unlimitedness becomes clear in this way, that also leads man, enlightening him to take a step forward in his personal world.



                                                                                                      Sinan Eren Erk