Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM presents the Web Biennial, WB
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OCCUPY CONTENT: Web Biennial 2012, WB12. Athens, Berlin, Istanbul.


Official Selection of WB12 in 2012: Gallery #1 | Gallery #2

Ayman Azraq - Gaza Airport
The Gaza International Airport art project I carried out in 2008 is again a realization of my wish to express people’s frustration about their stolen right of free movement. The idea stems from the strong wish of an immigrant Palestinian of having his family to attend his wedding in Oslo; something which has been impossible to happen due to the political realities which impose travel ban on Palestinians.
Alan Bigelow - is an interactive work for the web that provides visitors with an opportunity to rewrite the United States' Pledge of Allegiance. Each revision of the Pledge is thematically linked to one of the following categories: Immigration, Politics, Nature, Sports, Family Life, or Other (no theme). Once the user has written their version of the Pledge, the text plays against a background of images related to the theme they have chosen. All the pledges are saved into a database to be viewed by anyone visiting the site.
Jesse Fulton - Webpages for Humans
Webpages for Humans is a web application that creates a version of the Internet which is only readable by humans. The site creates a "CAPTCHA-fied" version of webpages in which the text can no longer be parsed, nor deciphered by OCR processes. The CAPTCHA-fication process does not simply replace text with images, it fundamentally changes the underlying markup of the HTML pages in a way such that not only is the code itself is unreadable, but it’s visual representation (or rendering) is as well. And it is done in such a way that it can no longer be deciphered by OCR processes. This previously machine-readable HTML, is distorted using the same algorithms used in CAPTCHA tests to ensure the computer programs can no longer decipher them.
Catalina Jaramillo - I Wish (The Wish Project)
This project started in 2001 upon my mother's diagnosis. I wanted to use the power of a collective subconsciousness to increase the chance of people's aims, wishes, and goals to happen. I collect pictures and wishes. When the audience is exposed to these pairs and unconsciously wishes for the other (by simply putting an image and a wish together in their minds).
Jackson Marinho - Tabuletas
TABULETS is a project of Scripture. Contemporary multiple multi-language scripture. Fragment and gizzards are the experimental settings of this waning that is the verb. Direct testimony of time, the scripture remains to be determined in the future. Who’s ready for abstract archeology? Far from being the land of excitement, fear or fact, the scripture is isle.
Benjamin Rosenthal - Administrative Maximum: Towards the End of the Broadcast
Administrative Maximum: Towards the End of the Broadcast is an interactive web project that investigates issues of control, desires for mediated violence, and the nature of the voyeuristic impulse in a culture where technology both limits autonomy and provides for unmitigated possibilities for utopian agency in the world of digital fantasy. An aggressive and oversaturated network of stimuli and possible performance strategies, the viewer is given moments of choice only to be thwarted by predetermined outcomes that reveal the impossibility of winning. The site is developed from several hundred pages of interactive flash animations and games, live video feeds combed from the internet, and sound.
Andrej Tisma - Taking Away Privacy
Checkpoints at airports, sport stadiums and other public places with x-ray naked body scanners and intrusive pat-downs, which include all body cavities, is not only a serious health hazard but is terrorizing of innocent civilians and depriving citizens of privacy and freedom. It equalizes 99,9% of innocent citizens to 0,1% of potential terrorists which is unacceptable.
Annie On Ni Wan - Around the Corner
Around the Corner is a locative artwork that creates an experience based upon users’ locations and spatial practices. The boundary between the urban space and telematic space become indistinct. Spaces, or cities are no longer defined by infrastructure, instead, they are defined by thought-processes, actions and practices. Users explore the artwork through simple interaction and unfold the layered narrative, which describes an everyday life situation.

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