#wb10 - anticensor
open call for net-art, web-art and sofware-art

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum (iS.CaM) presents Web Biennial 10.
In 2010 we will have 10 galleries exclusive for online art.
This year's theme is "anticensor". Artistic director is Genco Gülan.
Consultants are: Steve Dietz, Andrej Tisma, Trebor Scholz, Jeremy Owen Turner, Franck Ancel and Tim Hailey. #wb10 tech team: Kutsal Kaan Bilgin, Onur Güngör, Muharrem Yıldırım, Cansu Bilgebay. For “Net-Art versus Web Art” see: http://webbiennial.org/symposium/panel1.html

Please format the title tag of your page as:
#wb10 - Web Biennial 10- name of the artist - name of the project
and send your URL to webbiennial@gmail.com

Gallery #1 -Cüneyt Budak Pavillion - is now open.
Deadline for Gallery #2: April 1st - Curator: Dimitris Fotiou 2010
Design & Implementation: Kutsal Kaan Bilgin
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