Web Biennial - esymposium- panel 5: Virtual Real versus Real Virtual</span>

WB05 e-Symposium, Avatar Panel 5
“Virtual Real versus Real Virtual".

February 28 th 2006, Noon Pacific Time (9:00 PM Istanbul time). Participants: Andrej Tisma , teoman madra , Dimitris Fotiou. We are sending the video documentation on demand. Please email: webbiennial@yahoo.com

How it works: Brief instructions for the pros. Start up Traveler and then visit the Traveler Community Directory - http://www.techworlds.org/Traveler FAQ (for setup and tech support) - http://www.techworlds.org/content/view/13/52/to open and enter Traveler spaces, see current user populations, and view community and Traveler documentation. If you use other voice chat systems your microphone should already be correctly configured for use with Traveler. If not, follow the steps in our Traveler Sound Setup document here. Below is the rough draft of how is the custom conference room will look like.