Carmen Teixido​r

"VARIATIONS of Vases and Dolls"

The figures in my "vases and dolls" series are variations of a single photograh of a sculpture of mine. Becoming first a photograph, then a virtual image,
the sculpture undergoes many more changes.  Having lost its tangible nature as a sculpture, it can still regain concreteness as a print.This back and forth
exchange from the concrete to the virtual, and vice-versa, is what makes technology so enticing.

The vases and flowers are the result of a long process.  They are so far removed from their humble beginning that almost nothing of their origin remains.  A long while ago I photographed close-ups of my skin.  Once digitized, I combined, re-combined, layered and multiplied them, thus creating "fabrics," tapestries, and three-dimensional looking objects.  From these I fashioned my vases and flowers.  I feel that they retain a memory of my skin. I created among others a series entitled "If I were a vase with flowers."