Open Call for Web Biennial 2017, to all digital artists, non-artists and robots,


The Web Biennial (WB) is an online independent Biennial connecting worldwide artists since 2002. WB is the oldest online biennial and also one of the oldest online exhibitions which became a model for many others. WB is organized by Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum (iS.Cam) a not for profit organization based in Istanbul and its founder is conceptual artist and theorist Genco Gulan. Some of the artists participating Web Biennial are Jean-René Leblanc, Dimitrios Fotiou, Pierre Larauza, Kristina Maskarin, Robert J. Krawczyk.


In this new version WB 2017, our young curator is Ms. Cansu Marisol Bilgici from Bogazici University. She picked “Selfie” as this year’s theme. She is interested in digital self exhibition or exploration on the WWW. While self-portrait is an old concept in the art History with regards to the great artists, such as Frida Kahlo, Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt selfie become one of the basic concepts in our everyday life after the dramatic uptrend of the smart phones. Now, in this exhibition, we are looking for additional meaning and smart criticism about the concept of selfies in our daily life and the immoderate exhibit of ourselves on the social media.


In this year, the Web Biennial will consist of four main galleries diverged by digital media: of photography, gif, videos and website links. We will be open to proposals as well as will invite artists and non-artists to our exhibition. The artworks will be chosen by the curator Cansu Bilgici with the consultancy of online WB community. The basic criterions to choose the artworks are the relevance to the theme, originality of the art work and the relevance to the media. Also, beside the online exhibition, the Web Biennial 2017 will have also a physical exhibition to present some of digital artworks in Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey in May 2017. Therefore, physical interactive installation proposals are also welcome.


To sum up, we are waiting for all kinds of digital artworks, such as gifs, video arts, animations, digital photography, interactive or multimedia art, web sites and digital illustrations, on the theme of self exhibition, autobiographic art and selfie. Deadline is August 1, 2016. First come first service. We will start to upload art to our online galleries ASAP.



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