Web Biennial for web-art & net-art - #wb10 : anticensor.

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM presents WB for webbased art and net-art.

#wb10: e-conference  
Panel1: "Internet or net-art: Is it still the same?" Panel 2: <<<<<net.art and real time revolt>>>>
#wb10: Galleries

#1 Cüneyt Budak Pavillion OPEN Gallery #4 Douglas Davis Pavillion curated by G. Gulan
#2 Sevinc Izmiroglu Pavillion curated by A. Tisma #5 ZERO Pavillion curated by F. Ancel
#3 Michael Jackson Pavillion curated by D. Fotiou #6 Igor Zabel Pavillion OPEN Gallery

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