Web Biennial 2007 - Sinan Can – Bionicle
Web Biennial : International Contemporary Art Exhibition on and for the W.W.W.

Open Call for Web Based International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Web Biennial 2007 (WB07)

Web Biennial, WB is a project created for and on the W.W.W. WB07 is produced by Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM. since 2003. Artistic director Genco GULAN, welcomes all to participate the project through the portal http://webbiennial.org/ We do not have any technical limitations. Any web based media welcome. One project per artist/ group, per e-mail. Virtual personas, web bots; no problem. Sorry, NO Portfolio sites, NO Commercial Projects. This project is totally free and open for all. No discrimination of any kind. All languages welcome except, in the head tags. Web Biennial is a NO concept, NO curator, NO location, NO sponsor event.

SIMPLE: Please send us the URL of your Web site or Web Based Art project. Put inside the TITLE tags of your index page: Web Biennial 2007 - Name of the Artist - Name of the Project. For example; If your name is "Sinan Can" and your project is "Bionicle" the code should look like this:

Please NO REDIRECTION PAGES! The index page and the web site needs to be on the same domain. Sub domains OK. but NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE! e-mail submissions to: webbiennial@yahoo.com

Please also put in the subject line of your email:"Web Biennial 2007 - Name of the Artist - Name of Your Project." We will try to answer all emails. Submissions and exhibition Start: February 1st - End December 31 2007. First come first serve. Each gallery space will be online with 21 artists/ projects.

Please translate this page into your language and send us a copy. Collaboration proposals from institutions, festivals, conferences welcome.