Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM, proudly presents: Web Biennial 2007 Pavillion Five

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Chr!stian Rupp Interactive Selfportrait Morgan Rush Jones Travel Screen rt78 Annabel Castro Meagher 45 letters to Magnussons before
the spring…
Bujar Bala TOUCH Michael Takeo Magruder Continuum Giacomo Picca Border Line
Lars Vilhelmsen Artroyal Christin Bolewski constructedpassage deb king function:feminism
alana celii collections Genco Gulan flower Slobodan Tomic Golden Pavilion
Andy McKeown Tempest colour #3 Marie-Jolin Köster tiul Jeremy Hight error (image)
Henry Gwiazda Those Times In-Between Alexander Timofeev Leningrad music video lisa cianci work-space / keeping-place
Robert Sloon ArtHeat Tahir Un SCR Project Juliet Davis altar-Ations